Terms And Conditions
Full membership Criteria
  1. Any person of good character who has obtained his degree in Optometry in any of the following countries, namely, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong SAR, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America is eligible to apply for full membership.
  2. Any person of good character who has completed the Higher Certificate, Professional Diploma or equivalent course in Optometry offered by a government accredited institute is eligible to apply for full membership.
  1. Eligible to hold office as a member of the Council or to vote at general meetings.
  2. Eligible to full membership benefits provided by the Society.
  3. Eligible to enroll in the referral list program provided that he/she fits the Inclusion Criteria (http://www.hkspo.org.hk/Criteria for referral list inclusion.pdf) and submit a completed application form (http://www.hkspo.org.hk/Application for referral list inclusion.pdf) to our secretariat.
Fees and subscriptions
  1. Unless so waived, every applicant applying for membership of the Society shall pay to the Society such application fee (if any) as may from time to time be fixed by the Council. No application shall be considered until such fee (if any) has been paid and such fee shall not (unless the Council otherwise decides) be reimbursed if the application is not accepted.
  2. Unless as waived, every member shall pay a periodic subscription of such amount as shall be fixed by the Council. Different levels of subscription may be fixed for different grades of members.
  3. Annual registration fee for 2009 is HK$600.
  4. Unless so waived, a member will have to pay a fine of such amount as shall be fixed by the Council if the periodic subscription of that member is overdue.
Suspension, expulsion of members & withdrawal of qualifications
  1. The Council shall have an absolute discretion in accepting or rejecting any application for membership and shall not be bound to assign any reason for its decision.
  2. The Council shall have power to make regulations as to the manner in which and the reasons for which a member of the Society (including an honorary member) may be suspended or expelled from membership or should otherwise be censured.
  3. In particular, the aforesaid regulations shall provide that the Council shall be entitled to withdraw diplomas, other qualifications and the use of qualifying letters or affixes awarded by the Society as a disciplinary measure where the holder is guilty of infamous conduct.
  4. Any member who fails to meet the call for subscription within 2 months from the due date may have his membership cancelled.
  5. Any member who speaks or act in the public media in such a manner that may cause any negative effect on the Society or its member as determined by the Council, may result in expulsion.
Please fill in the application form and send it to our secretariat together with a copy of your certification by post, fax or email.
Our Secretariat
Address: Unit 1204, 12/F., Kowloon Building, 555 Nathan Road, Kowloon.
Fax number: 3126 9980
Email address: secretariat@hkspo.org.hk